Cultivating Algae’s Potential,
for a Better Future.


Corporate Philosophy

To Become the Global Leader
in Clean Technology

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"There is not enough earth..." Left as it is, 2.8 earths are needed to sustain the forthcoming world population if the entire world population live like how Japanese lives. Ongoing consumption of rapidly depleting natural resources continues to threaten the environment.
In order to overcome these challenges and pass on a healthy environment to the future generation, it is of urgent need to shift from a "linear/consumption" society to a "circular/symbiotic" society.

Even as the term sustainability pervades today, food, electricity, gas and our daily needs are still dependent on the consumption of natural resources.

We firmly believe that algae is one of the means to solve this global crisis.

Algae produced the oxygen, which brought forth biodiversity, in the Earth billions of years ago. This is the same algae that can sequester carbon dioxide to produce the oxygen of today.

We at Algalbio aim to be the world's No. 1 clean technology company by solving global issues and contributing to the future of the people and Earth through unleashing the potential of such algae.

1.Materialize scientific research

As a R&D start-up company, we continue to persevere into unleashing the potential of algae into "shape". With limitless possibilities, we will strongly utilize the power of scientific research to provide for the needs and wants of various markets. We will persevere in forming this "shape" into a substantial application for the society.

Production of Algae

2.Challenge with joy

Challenge is a necessity for success. We believe that to achieve our mission, we do not forget to be cheerful, to learn from our mistakes, to evolve and to truly enjoy the challenges throughout our journey.

Production of Algae

3.Teamwork and professional growth

We are trying to make the "shape" a reality by collaborating with researchers and entrepreneurs from different backgrounds. We value a working environment that leads to individual growth and corporate success, as well as fostering a spirit of mutual respect and harmony.

Production of Algae


Mr. Nakatate, Team Leader of Business Development Group, will be a speaker at the “25th Yokohama Venture Pitch” on Wednesday, December 20! Please register and come to the event.
We will exhibit at CES2024, which will be held in Las Vegas, U.S.A. from January 9, 2024.We will showcase “Algaly”, a functional food that aims to provide healthy food and encounter new tastes&flavors utilizing the umami of algae.We look forward to seeing you at our booth.
We have decided to exhibit at COP28! The Conference of the Parties (COP) is an international conference where governments, academics, NGOs, and businesses from around the world participate to think and discuss climate change measures together.It will be held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from November 30 to December 12, 2023. We will be exhibiting our algae-based CCUS at the Start Up Village in the Green Zone.
Our CEO, Mr. Kimura, will be a speaker at the “Sustainable Business Seminar 2023 for Achieving Carbon Neutrality” to be held by JETRO Bangkok in collaboration with the The Board of Investment, Thailand (BOI) and the Eastern Economic Corridor Office of Thailand (EECO)! It will be streamed LIVE online via ZOOM on November 29. Please register and join us.
Selected as one of the “20 Japanese startup companies to watch” in the November issue of “ArayZ,” a business and economic information magazine for Thailand and ASEAN!