Let’s work together to solve global issues at a cleantech start-up from the University of Tokyo

Job Title


Number of positions

A few positions


We are looking for someone who can spearhead our R&D projects towards “materializing scientific research” at fast growing clean tech start-up.

Job Description

We are looking for a researcher to help us spearhead our R&D.
-As an algae based cleantech start-up from the University of Tokyo, we aim to solve global issues by unleashing the potential of algae and focusing on producing algal functional components for use in health, beauty and food technology.
-Currently, we are strengthening our R&D team with the goal of “materializing scientific research”. The applicant is expected to be involved in R&D projects of new materials from microalgae, joint research of production technology, contract-based research projects, the manufacturing department, and business development department.

Qualification Requirements

-Possessing a doctoral degree or equivalent
-Has experience in microalgae or microbial culture, aseptic culture and methods, and analytical analysis such as HPLC/GC-MS

Employment Status

Contractual (Discretionary Labor System)

Salary, etc.

Negotiable (determined according to qualification, abilities, experience, etc.)


Commuting allowance (provided according to our regulations), overtime pay, complete social and business insurance

Contract Period

Negotiable (probationary period of 6 months)

Work Location

Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture

Work Hours

Weekdays: 5 days a week, 9:00~17:45(Breaktime 12:00-13:00)
Weekends and national holidays (12/29-1/3) are holidays.
There is a special summer vacation.


After reviewing application documents, we will inform the candidate(s) of the dates for the interview.

Public Relations

Recently, microalgae that can be used in a wide range of industries such as fossil fuel alternative (biofuel), plastic alternative (biodegradable materials), food industry (alternative proteins) and health (functional materials) have been attracting attention. We have a patented technology for a culture method that enhances microalgal function. We are also working with partner companies who are interested in the development of algal applications to address SDGs. Last November 2019, we have raised 400M JPY as our Series A Round. Regardless of age, nationality and gender, and our diverse backgrounds, we are a team that loves and takes on challenges together to solve global issues.


The contents of this recruitment are based on the work rules applied at the start of recruitment. If there is a revised rule before hiring, the contents may change based on the revision.


Please contact us by email: (Attention to Nakamura , Makita)