By 2050, the forthcoming global population will require twice as much as the protein we have today (FAO「World Agriculture Towards 2030/2050 The 2012 Revision」).

Livestock and fisheries require soybean and corn as the raw materials for its feed. However, the production of such grains face challenges such as diminishing cultivating lands, climate change, labor shortages, fertilizer and pesticide shortage, and the growing opposition to genetically modified crops. The balance for the demand and supply is beginning to collapse.

The method of adding a large amount of chemical fertilizer to obtain protein is akin to "consuming calories (resources) to obtain calories (food)". This, definitely, will not be able to meet the future demands for protein.

As a solution, algae as a protein alternative, can be cultivated efficiently using sustainable methods.

Chlorella, one of our core strains, has a history of use as whole food and source of proteins, fats, and other nutrients. It shows a protein content comparable to soybeans and peas, and is highly expected to enter the food market as the next plant-based alternative protein.

Despite the advancements in nutrition and medical technologies, we face challenges with our social security system regarding the coverage of health insurances for the increasing aging population, as well as the declining birthrates, are major problems in developed countries. The importance of "self-medication" is increasing, and trends in promoting well-being, anti-aging and pro-aging are emerging.

We have algae strains that produce functional components, such as carotenoids and fatty acids, that can be applied in the "self-medication". There are many high-value added products that are in demand in the food industry. We aim to cultivate algae to produce such in-demand products for health, wellness and beauty.

We are also collaborating with various industries for the market development of algae derived products. We have established ourselves as an algae platform company, we welcome partnering with other companies that have a great influence on the economy and society. To achieve a bigger impact, we are proceeding with joint research and development, and are open to more joint ventures with potential collaborators in the future.