Our Chlorella display a variety of colors by accumulating carotenoids inside their cells under certain conditions. The colored Chlorella biomass that we obtained can be used as is, without a downstream extraction process, for use as a plant-based natural pigment.

Carotenoids are also used as components in functional foods and are being produced not only for color, but also for health benefits. Lutein and zeaxanthin are known for their benefits to eye function. Beta-cryptoxanthin affects bone health and lycopene can increase blood's "good "cholesterol (HDL) levels.

In addition, DHA and EPA are known to reduce fat levels in the blood. Most of these fatty acids are derived from fish oil. Fishes accumulate DHA and EPA through the food chain with marine algae as the main producer of DHA and EPA. Hence, we can directly utilize algae for DHA and EPA production.

We are working on the research and development thoroughly to discover more functional components from algae that can contribute to health and wellness.