Since the establishment of SDGs at the United Nations Summit in September 2015, sustainable corporate actives are highly encouraged. In our part, we strive to provide algal0-based solutions to global problems.

The world's rapidly increasing population is on the verge of collapsing the balance in protein production and consumption. This so called "protein crisis" has necessitate the need to obtain new protein sources. Plant-based proteins such as soybean are widely used alternatives but plants also take up water and land resources. This is where algae steals the spotlight.

Compared to land plants, algae grow very fast and do not need arable land, providing a more sustainable alternative protein source. In addition, algae cultivation is carbon neutral because it can sequester carbon dioxide.

With the awareness of life expectancy up to a 100 years, the recent trend is to avoid chemically synthesized products. Algae produces carotenoids and essential fatty acids, EPA and DPA, that serve as naturally-derived functional components.

With this background, we provide solutions and consulting services for companies that take on new challenges related to algae.

  • Launching new business ventures using microalgae
  • Promotion of research and development of microalgae
  • Establishment of mass culture technology for microalgae

In response to different business themes, specialized staff will carefully listen to your concerns and work with you to solve the problems.

Contracts are established as contract-based research and/or joint research and development, under strict information management.

  • We want to efficiently produce useful substances of natural origin.
  • It takes time and effort to search functional compounds and new functions.
  • It is difficult to ensure the quality and quantity of functional compounds.
  • We cannot find a plant which would manufacture certain functional compounds

We will solve these problems by using our technical assets such as our algae library, screening, breeding, and culture technologies.