2022/04/07Press Release
CO2 fixation by microalgae project was adopted as a NEDO-commissioned project.
2022/04/04Press Release
Strengthening IP Strategy for Further Business Expansion
2022/03/28Press Release
Recognized as J-TECH STARTUP 2021
2022/03/23Press Release
Grand Prize Winner in the Business Challenge Contest!
2021/10/11Press Release
With two brand new 1 kilo-Liter closed photobioreactors, our state of the art “Clean Technology Lab+” is also equipped with centrifuges, sterilizers and spray dryers for integrated algal culturing and harvesting. This facility is now installed in Kashiwa City, Chiba and is open for tour requests. See the linked article for details. For inquiries, please use the inquiry form.
2021/10/04Press Release
For the people to feel closer to algae and be involved in its use for the society, we have renewed our corporate logo with the image of “Algae” x “Earth”. The overall shape represents algae and the Earth by the colors of water (blue), light (yellow) and earth (green). These three colors or parts form a circle that represents one of our major corporate goals which is to achieve a sustainable “circular society”. In addition, the design is fluid which represents our flexibility to deal with various issues and challenges. Please check the link for more details.
2021/06/09Press Release
Notice of strengthening our management system. By transitioning from research to development, Algalbio is further making the “circular/symbiotic society” a reality through algae.
2019/11/29Press Release
Algal Bio raised 400 million yen in Series A Round