With "Cultivating Algae's Potential, For a Better Future" and "Contributing to the future of people and the Earth through research and development of algae" as our company's purpose, Algalbio Co., Ltd. is an algae cleantech start-up company that was founded on more than 20 years of scientific research at The University of Tokyo.

Our Vision is "To Become the Global Leader in Clean Technology". Aiming to be the No. 1 Clean Tech Company in the world, we strongly desire to transform into a "circular/symbiotic" society, instead of a "linear/consumption" society, in order to take part in creating a better global environment for the future generations.


In order to achieve our Vision, it is necessary to accelerate the industrial use of algae. The key to this is "market-in" R&D management, what we envision as our "Algae Platform". In contrast of many companies "product-out" approach in which the companies develop product out of a single algae species.


We plan to first elucidate what algae strains can produce substances whose functions are confirmed. By mass culture cultivation, we will produce materials and develop products containing functional components that will be applied in the fields of health, beauty and wellness. We are also advancing our technological development to mass production, with reduced costs, for the food industry. For our medium to long-term goals, we are aiming to expand into biomaterials and bioenergy fields. We will build a supply chain for the cultivation, recovery, extraction, processing, distribution and sales of algae as an energy resource that will replace oil and gas. We aim to establish a system that mainly uses sunlight as the energy.


We strongly believe that collaborations with external institutions of various strengths and expertise are indispensable for achieving our philosophy. We are not just collaborating with The University of Tokyo but also with multiple universities and research institutions. We further sharpen our technological base through industry-government-academia collaborations such as with JST/OPERA and NEDO/STS.

In addition, we have received supports from the Chiba Industrial Promotion Center, Toukatsu Techno Plaza, Tsukuba Innovation Arena (TIA), TX Entrepreneur Partners (TEP) and Himawari Venture Development Foundation.